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Let's Rebuild the United States!

Rebuilding the United States
Doug's common sense plan for rebuilding America's Middle Class and building a future for you and your children is available now!

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He's not looking for support from big corporations - he's the people's candidate and only the people can put him in office. $10, $20; it will all go to helping build a future for our country.
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Rebuilding the United States outlines Doug's plan to restore our country to greatness... Here's what's covered:

Chapters / Overview

  1. Federal Sales Tax instead of Income Tax
    1. 10% on most financial transactions, from all entities, i.e., Corporate, private, religious groups, everyone.
    2. Exemptions: Food, Primary Home and utilities, Medical, Education, Labor / employees, Inheritance, and Court ordered judgments.
    3. Shifted Tax Liability from W2 employees to Corporations / Highest spenders.
    4. Estimated Sales Tax Revenue
      1. National ‘savings’ by removing the annual April 15th  Tax Returns Process.
      2. Increased ‘Take Home’ incomes leads to increased consumer spending.

  2. Sales Tax Revenue Distribution
    1. Full Medical Coverage / Universal Healthcare
    2. Full Secondary Education Scholarships / On-line programs

  3. All ‘Recreational’ Drugs Legalized
    1. Legal but controlled, like alcohol & cigarettes
    2. Revenues used for rehabilitation centers
    3. Rehabilitate and release ‘drug criminals’

  4. Infrastructure Rebuild
    1.  Bridges / Roads
    2.  National Parks

  5. NAFTA / WTO / MFN Rescinded
    1. Manufacturing re-shored
    2. Middle Class rebuilt, reduction of income inequality / gap
    3. ‘Made in America’ must mean it is the best

  6. End the H1B Program
    1. Description of Program
    2. Description of abuse of Program
    3. The new demand for Americans to replace the H1Bs will increase Computer Science course enrollments / rebalance our domestic professional careers

  7. All Foreign Alliances reviewed per American Principles
    1. Allies must embrace / apply Justice for ALL to remain an ally
    2. America supports people’s best interests before Special interests, Tyrants, Monarchies, etc.
    3. End of War on Terrorism by no longer supporting their oppressors

  8. Global Focus: Environmental Responsibility
    1. Ocean: ‘Super Sites’
    2. Administration by the United Nations
    3. Usage for the ‘Mothballed Navy Vessels’
    4. Developing Countries provide manpower, costs covered through UN, by responsible countries, per responsible volume

  9. Global Focus: The Unacceptable Abuse of Women
    1. What in God's name is going on between men and women?
    2. As a nation, we must stop the heinous abuse of women, starting in our own country

  10. Summation – Vote for me
    1. Doug is just an American Citizen, no Quid Pro Quo debts
    2. The People should be the ‘winners’ not special interest groups
    3. I need a clear mandate vote to accomplish these goals with Congress



Rebuilding the United States - Douglas W. Sabbag


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Updated September 24, 2015

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